The Secret to Indian Cooking in The 6ix

For anyone who has ever tried cooking Indian food (from scratch rather than using premixed spices) you know the vast number of ingredients involved in creating this dish. Even the absence of one spice or herb will lead to incomplete taste – a feeling that something is missing. Not only does Indian cooking require tons of spices and herb among other things – these items are not readily available. I’ve spent many evenings in innumerable groceries stores looking for that one spice and almost always returned home disappointed and changing the menu for the night.

However, since you are reading this, you don’t need to face the above situation. After searching just about every nook and corner of Toronto I found the ultimate Indian Grocery Store – Iqbal Halal Foods.

This is where its at for Indian cooking – starting from fresh curry leaves, idli and dosa flours (and even the premade mix), a tava for making the the dosa, okra to Maggi and even everything to make pani puri. You even get pre-mixed spices (Shaan Masala, National, MDH) that satisfy those mid-week Indian food cravings.And if you’re really lucky, on a good day, you might even find yourselves munching on blue Magic Masala lays and Kurkure.

They have a separate section of spices that carries just about every spice you’ve tried looking for but could never find.

They also have a separate sections for fresh produce and meat.  In addition the prices are amazing for regular everyday items like milk, bread etc.If you’re making a long trip to get here check out their website or call them before hand to make sure they have what you’re looking for.

Iqbal Halal Foods

  • Address: 2 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, ON M4H 1G9
  • Phone number: (416) 467-0177
  • Website:

Pro tip: Avoid this place on the weekends as its always jam packed. It is open everyday from 7am- 12 am so you can make a night time grocery run anytime during the week.




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